Small Business HR Consulting

Often, small businesses cannot afford in-house HR staff, but that doesn’t mean you can’t access HR expertise and support. You can consider us your external HR department.

We’re here to guide you through all HR processes and ensure your business is legally protected.

Beyond that, we can also consult on matters such as staff training and policy creation.

With expert advice and support on HR-related matters only a call away, it’s easy to see why many small businesses choose to work with Close Consulting.

Small Business HR Services

Staff Training & Development

Close Consulting has strong relationships with key registered training organisations. If you need to upskill your staff in a certain area, we can connect you with the right place.

Fair Work Representation

We’re experienced in running matters in the Fair Work Commission and Fair Work Ombudsman jurisdictions.


We consult on general protections, unfair dismissals, WHS, meditation and management strategies.

Policy Creation

If you need help reviewing or overhauling your business policy, let’s make sure you cover all legal requirements.

Small Business HR Consulting - FAQ

Yes – We often work with small businesses who have a generalist HR manager who requires support or expertise in a particular area. We can work alongside your inhouse staff and give them the support they need on complicated matters.

If you’ve just got a simple matter, we typically operate off and hourly rate.

For more detailed matters or ongoing support, we’re flexible and can arrange a personalised fee structure.

We consult on all HR areas a small business might need help with. For example, we’ve helped businesses ensure they stay legally compliant when dismissing staff and creating workplace policy. We also represent businesses defending themselves against Fair work claims among many other things.

On your free discovery call, we can discuss what you need help with.


Yes – We can help you draft WHS policies and procedures, advise on the correct signage and notification in your workplace and assist in preparing training on-site or online for your staff who may require WHS familiarisation. 

A thorough understanding of WHS policies and work practices is essential in any workplace to mitigate the risks of injuries to both employees and employers.

By making the investment in the first instance to ensure a workplace is fully safe for all who enter, an employer demonstrates responsibility and accountability to all who work for them along with any visitors to a worksite.

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